Drooghmans International LTD offers market entry consulting services for domestic and foreign companies and organizations. The company provides advice on CSR and intercultural management.

Each country has its own culture and business practices. The most important factor for a successful market entry is to be aware of these cultural differences and to adapt company’s business plans to the local market.

The entire process from market analysis to market entry requires manpower, know-how and international experience. Drooghmans International LTD helps you to make your international business successful.

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Drooghmans International LTD was founded in 1999 by Alice Drooghmans. Born in Belgium, Alice’s business goal was to fully experience and communicate the benefits of globalism and to provide her clients with the full range of her extensive international experience. The key benefit she offers: thinking and acting internationally while offering clients far more flexibility and individuality as other consultants. Alice has focused on convincing companies and institutions to be present in international markets while providing clients specialized consulting and innovative communications and marketing solutions, which are frequently aimed at totally new target groups.

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is ideally situated to offer internationally oriented services.

In the interim Drooghmans International LTD works together with partners in the EU, Russia, USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, the Middle East, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroun, Brazil and Mexico.

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